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Laboratory moving requires delicate packing and handling - among many other important considerations. Our expert equipment packers and lab movers understand the high value of your delicate instruments and lab equipment. Each unit is inventoried prior to moving so a per-piece plan can be developed. From decontamination, to cleaning, to technician prep, to packing, to moving, to unpacking, to calibration in the new lab, everything is scheduled for each piece.

Moving Fragile Lab Equipment and Instruments

Each lab move is meticulously planned and no details are left to chance. The schedules of the chemical experts, instrument technicians and your scientist and lab specialists are coordinated to meet your lab moving goals. We have been orchestrating lab moves for more than 56 years and understand the detail required to get the job done right. When you need expert lab movers, you need J.D. Carton.

J.D. Carton & Son – Experienced Laboratory Movers

Let us lift some of the weight off your shoulders as your New Jersey lab movers. Contact J.D. Carton at (973) 536-2424 to discuss our lab moving services. One of our knowledgeable and friendly professionals will be happy to tell you more about our capabilities for packing and transporting laboratory equipment for schools and universities, R&D facilities and a vast range of laboratories.

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