Rest assured, we provide moving and storage services with the appropriate safety measures - including social distancing, masks and other PPE to keep your family, and ours, safe and healthy. Call to learn more and schedule a free video estimate.

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At J. D. Carton & Son we know how important it is for your vendors to perform their work in a safe and professional manner. Our team takes your concerns very seriously and we focus on these key areas:

EMR (Experience Modification Rate) - This is a measurement of how well our company performs in terms of loss and injury. Our rates for the last five years are:

  • 2011 to 2012– .762
  • 2010 to 2011– .820
  • 2009 to 2010– .822
  • 2008 to 2009– .805

The scale is:

  • .99 or under– better than average loss or injuries
  • 1.0– average loss or injuries
  • 1.0 or above– higher than normal loss and injuries.

Written Safety Program - Our safety consultant designed and published for us a safety and health program that conforms to the best practices of our field. It covers accident prevention, safety regulations and procedures, and the personal safety and health of each employee. All areas of moving are covered from lab relocations to general office moves. The subject areas that we cover are: accident prevention, emergency procedures, OSHA records, hazard communication program, material handling, electrical safety, tools, fall protection, and worksite management.

Training - We have regularly scheduled safety meetings, the purpose of which is to convey safety information and answer employee questions. These meetings are held upon hire, at the start of a project, when a new procedure or practice is introduced, and an overview twice a year. All of the areas above are covered in these meetings. In addition, we train our crews on general conduct. We find ourselves working during normal business hours and we know how important it is for our staff to be quiet, courteous, professional and efficient.

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