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At J. D. Carton & Son, we know that building protection during your relocation is important. We use plastic wall guards instead of thin rolls of corrugated to protect your walls, doors and elevators. These sheets are 1/8 of an inch thick and are puncture proof. On the floor we use tempered masonite to reduce dust and prevent floor damage. For each corner, we install our corner guards. Every aspect of your building is protected, ensuring a damage-free, error-free relocation.

Our project people will meet with you and your building management prior to the move to review your building protection requirements and to get certificate of insurance information. From the inception of the relocation to the last box is unpacked and removed, your facility is protected, ensuring a seamless relocation from start to finish.

Keeping your building damage free is one of our goals in providing quality-moving services! Contact J.D. Carton at (973) 536-2424 to discuss our building protection capabilities.

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