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At J. D. Carton & Son, we own our equipment. There are many movers that claim to be large office, computer, and lab movers, but they have only a few trucks and very little equipment. Your mover should have a deep bench!

Our company has the equipment and capacity to handle your move along with our other customer's relocations. Please call The New Jersey State Board of Public Movers and Warehousemen to verify our equipment count (973-504-6475). Or come by and inspect our facility.

Commercial Moving Equipment for Office Relocations

  • Quantities of Office Moving Equipment
  • 25 Air Ride Trucks, 6 liftgate trucks
  • 1,000 four-wheel dollies
  • 19,000 feet of Masonite
  • 25 Masonite carriers
  • 12 split ramps
  • 20 fiberglass straight ramps
  • 40 panel carts
  • 275 library carts
  • 500 computer-moving bins
  • 4 safe jacks
  • 4 pallet jacks
  • 4,000 corner guards
  • 30 cell phones
  • Rolls of corrugated wall protection
  • 8,000 feet of plastic green wall guard
  • Lateral file crane & special dollies
  • 5,000 Carton Crates – Plastic Moving Box
  • 500 Pend-A-Flex Ready Containers

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