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Moving your laboratory, especially relocating medical lab facilities, is a delicate process that requires significant planning in consideration to your new location, instruments, equipment, chemicals and secure documents. JD Carton’s New Jersey lab relocation experts will help you handle the move starting from inventory, scheduling, and planning; to decontamination, cleaning, technician prep, and packing; all the way to unpacking, calibration and set up services.

Experienced Movers for Laboratory Relocations

Specializing in medical lab relocation for over fifty years, our professionals understand the intricacies in moving highly sensitive chemicals and medical equipment, and the importance of having every detail planned and itemized. We have developed a specific item-by-item plan tailored to moving each item to its individual needs, whether it means a climate controlled environment in a specific time frame or extra fragile packing and unpacking. JD Carton will provide you with the ultimate stress-free lab relocation where you can be sure your furniture, chemicals, and equipment will arrive in their original condition to their sterilized and cleaned location.

JD Carton movers are experts in medical lab moving from breaking down to setting up. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another lab relocation expert that handles your moving with as much care and efficiency. Get your new lab cleaned, moved into, and set up with minimal downtime.

We have laboratory and medical lab relocations down to a science so call us at (973) 536-2424 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives or get a free online quote today!

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